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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Salalah:~ A Nature Paradise
Salalah is a lovely city in southern Oman. In this time of year, it turns to be a paradise with remarkable nature.
People love to go there and spend good times in refreshing air and beautiful nature. Local residents and tourists go there each year to enjoy nature.
Plus, there are lots of activities there and you can find all enjoyable activities that you might like such as concerts, traditional activities and exhibitions.
Here you are some of nature photos that I have for Salalah:

Salalah is not the only significant place in Oman with stunning nature. You can find the same lovely nature in different parts in Oman and in the Mountains of life in Oman. Not all people love to go to Salalah to enjoy the nature and traditional life, but there are lots of options around here. Oman really full of remarkable places.

:: عتاب ::

نحن لا نقول للناس لا تخرجوا و تروحوا عن نفسكم...
لا نقول لا تخرجوا و تمتعوا أنفسكم بطبيعة عُمان الخلابة ...
من حق الجميع أن يأخذ استراحة و راحة و يبعد عن كاهله التعب والهموم.

لكن لدي عتب قوي و شديد إلى الحملة المنظمة لمهرجان خريف صلالة...
جميل أن نجتذب الزوار و نعطيهم كل التسهيلات والنشاطات والفعاليات والمعارض الراقية و ما أكثرها.
ألم يكن من اللائق أن يتم إلغاء الحفلات الغنائية!!
أليس من الأدب و الذوق و الاحترام أن نحترم و نتألم لمن تمزقهم آله الحرب و الموت والدمار الصهيونية القذرة في اللحظة التي يتهادى فيه المغنون والمغنيات في بلدنا.
كان من الأجدر لكم أن تعلنوا إلغاء الحفلات الغنائية
تضمنا و احتراما لما يحدث لأخوتنا في لبنان و في فلسطين...
كانت ستكون لفتة راقية رائعة منكم و تعبيراً عن الحس الشعبي المتضامن بكل جوارحه مع الإخوة هناك.
وأتوقع من الزوار أن يقدروا هذه المبادرة و يحترموها و يثنون عليها لأنها واجب، واقل ما يمكن عمله. بل من الممكن تخصيص جزء من ريع المهرجان لدعمهم.

كم صدمني أن أقلب القنوات المهمومة و المحمومة بما يجري بلبنان مع مناظر تخلع القلوب و تلهب المشاعر و أرى الدول الشقيقة في بث حي لجمع التبرعات و إيصال النداءات و الصرخات ...بينما أجد قناة بلدي الحبيب تبث جزء من حفلة غنائية لأحد الغانيات و لا اعرف حتى من هي... و أرى جمهور معها يتراقص...
فما هذا؟!!!
ماذا جرى لكم؟!!!

ما هذا إلا عتب ...
والعتاب لا يكون إلا للأحباب.

هدانا الله وإياكم لكل ما يحب و يرضى.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
We Are With Them

كلنا مع لبنان وفلسطين ضد إسرائيل والمحتلين

We are with Lebanon and Palestine against Israel and occupiers

Nous sommes avec tous le Liban et la Palestine contre l’Israel et les occupants

Alle wir sind mit dem Libanon und Palästina gegen Israel und Besatzer

Somos todos con Líbano y Palestina contra Israel e inquilinos


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Sunday, July 23, 2006
The Sinbad Voyage

"" Like a story from the 1001 Nights coming to life, Tim Severin builds a great Arab ship and sails from Oman to China to investigate the legendary adventures of the most famous mariner of all time. His sponsor is a modern day Arab prince, the Sultan of Oman and his vessel named Sohar after the Omani town to be Sinbad's birthplace. Not a single nail used in the building of the remarkable vessel. Instead, she had sewn together with 400 miles of coconut twine. With a crew of twenty, Arabs and Westerners, Sohar sets out to re-trace the ancient route of the silk and spice trade across the Arabian Sea to India, and then on to Sri Lanka, Sumatra and the Malacca Straits.On the way, the crew learns to handle the immense sails of their ship, catch sharks for food, gather rainwater when becalmed in the Doldrums, and must repair spars snapped by the strong winds. Heading North towards the China Sea, they come to the rescue of desperate Boat people and endure the battering of vicious line squalls swirling off the coast of Vietnam. Finally, after seven and a half months at sea, they sail up the Pearl River to a tumultuous welcome from the Government of China.""

I found the previous brief text about The Sinbad Voyages in this link about Tim Severin Voyages:
Also this is a link about Oman:

I found the voyage story book of 1985 among my uncle old books. I read the whole book with all details about their wonderful and hard voyage from Oman to China in 1980-1982 by Tim Severin. Actually, the story started from the idea first came to Tim Severin's mind about Sinbad Voyages and then he came to Oman, got sponsor and big facilities from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and Oman Government. Then, he went to India searching for the right materials to build the ship and find good builders for that too "the Green Shirts men". He came back to Oman…. In famous coastal town called Soor, where he gathered with workers and find the good place near the beach to start building the ship, he met 70s years old Captain Saleh Khamis, who told him about all the voyages that Omanis did before. He met good and young Omani sailors from Soor and Al-Suwaiq that led the ship perfectly "one of them called Mosaleem became a father to a baby girl when his wife gave birth to a baby girl while he was on Sohar ship".
Tim accompanied by scientists in each stop in the voyage and even his 9 years old daughter joined him in India and left in Sri Lanka. She got a leave from her school in London for weeks. She loved the ship and took special corner for herself. She played with cymbal with Omani Sailors. Also, she took a dip into sea "as her father described her as a little duck".
There was a photographer called Bruce Foster shared the project from the beginning and sailed with them too, but he left the ship in Sri Lanka to Ireland to see him wife and daughter. Another photographer joined the team called Richard Greenhill. It was his first time to be on a ship, but he took good shots for it. The crew was great and went through difficult times, but they came up with such interesting journey.
They even helped Vietnamese persons who were trying to reach to Taiwan.
It's so interesting book and I would recommend you to read it if you love adventures like me!.
I put myself with them…I said why Tim allowed to his daughter to join him. Why I didn't join them too :D
Yes, Tim Severin used the methods of Omani Famous Sailor called (Ahmed Ben Majid). Ahmed Ben Majid was a famous Omani sailor and wrote many books. Gorgeous indeed.

Here you some pictures I scanned from the 2 books:~

Above: From Portuguese Atlas of 1519 and shows 3 Arabian Ships "in the middle" of new design and that before any European ship arrive to the Arabian area. Down: an Arabian ship from the Arabian manuscript of Maqamat Al Hariri of 1227.

Tim Severin with Captain Saleh Khamis. A photo by Bruce Foster.

Sohar in the Sea

Omani Official delegation: His Highness "late" Faisal Ben Ali Al Saeed "ex-minister of Heritage and Culture" during the official reception For Sohar Ship and its sailors. Accompany him the Chinese Official delegation with Tim Severin and Mesthail Ben Ahmed Al Mashani (I asked my father who was that tall man beside Tim).


check all the pictures in my Album:
SamaOman Album
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Friday, July 21, 2006
New Sketch For MeeMo

This is For Her Fans.

Last week, she came to visit us. I told her about how her previous sketch impressed people on my blog. I showed her that childish sketch on my blog and she was so happy. I said: people loved your art and want you to keep going and draw. She showed enthusiasm to give you more of her ART. Therefore, I gave her papers and color pens to draw anything she likes.
She drew girls again "well, still the complex of baldness exists in her art!". Anyways, she drew brothers, sisters, and their houses with gardens around the houses.
I didn't laugh this time.

My sister did !!

I hope you will like her Big Work for you.

She asked me a question and I really touched by that.
She said: aunt…did you throw my old sketches in the trash?!!!
that's really touched me…
she asked with that innocent face and eyes.
How can I let her down!?!...
….did I ??!!!
NO….I didn't throw her sketches…still in my sketch books…still among my own sketches. I think she was thrilled to see her old sketches as I saved it.
(Thanks God I kept them, otherwise I would break a tender heart…right!).

Okay, here you are one of my very very old sketches. This sketch has special meaning to me. I love Omani traditional clothes, so I drew this sketch from my imagination, but the face is for a real Lady. I love her face. She has special features and I can easily draw her face….I drew 2 sketches for her: one with her regular clothes and not traditional clothes "it's amazing sketch", and then I used her face only for a lady with traditional clothes. I love the both sketches so much, both of them give me a realistic feelings about her face, eyes, mouth …etc.
She didn't mind, but I'm not sure if she will be mad for publishing her sketch here. Should I tell her or not?!!!
I hope she will not be mad at me…
I got the idea of hiding her face and publish the sketch without her clear face, but I didn't like the sketch without her gorgeous face. Her face is the main key for this sketch and its give this sketch a feeling of life and nature.

What do you think??
Do you feel what I feel??!!

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Monday, July 17, 2006
One of my dreamy dreams

Let me tell you one of dreamy dreams. It was such a lovely wish and dream. I wished to be lucky and work for embassies of Oman in other countries. I wished I could go to different countries, learn their way of life and their language, and teach them mine. I thought the most wonderful thing can embassies do is exchanging information and teach each other what we have…How wonderful to represent your unique culture and your traditions to other people… How great to make exhibitions and shows about your country and your heritage to normal people of other countries. That what makes our world rich and various. It's good way to make all countries close and get the passion to look and learn what you have…and what make you and your background special.

Maybe I have simple and dreamy mind than what this world askin' for. But, if we think about that …it can work more better than another ways. This is the right diplomatic method to make good friends. I know it won't work because of some malicious people who love to see separation and hatred between the people of this earth.

We share
One world

We share
One sky and one land
We share
God's love

We are still
Sons and Daughters
Adam and Eve

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Friday, July 14, 2006

In a colorful peaceful village …where people live happily and nothing make the life hard….the powerful man of that village adopted a bullyboy, who is not real orphan boy, but he deceived others and managed to deceive this man too. The powerful man used to spoil his bullyboy and give him all he wants without nay questions or directions. The bullyboy started to go wilder and more out of control to hurt and offend the people outside his adopted big home. The people tried to avoid him as much as possible for his adopted father, so he went too far and started to harm others till he started to profane the neighbors' houses and attack them inside their own houses. He goes to any house… attack the residents "young or old" and then he ran to his adopted father crying and claiming that the neighbors harmed him (as we say in an Arabic proverb: He hit me and cried …and he went before me to complain). The neighbors were mad and tried to show the truth…but even with their countless evidences, the powerful man refused to listen and accused them to hurt his adopted innocent boy and so they should be punish. They tried to go to police and make official complaint to bring that bully bad boy to court, but the police couldn’t help them. They were afraid too as the powerful man has big influence and arbitrariness on everything in that village as he play all the big roles including the Judge. Besides, lots of the jurists and Lawmen dissemble that powerful man and don't care about the justice or truth.
So, it was only 2 choices for them:
1) Accept what happening to them and be under that ugly bad boy mercy till he kill them all.
2) Gather to be one hand and force that bad adopted father to see and behave his adopted bullyboy or ask him to leave the village and tender his resignation.

Till now, the neighbors couldn’t make their choice and still suffer with that bullyboy…day after day that bullyboy goes wider, bigger and barbarous…

My imagination made up this story yesterday in my bedtime.
So, I guess you knew who I meant by this story.
Guess Who?!!


((Lebanese Boy "Ahmed Khashab" is the only survivor as he Lost His entire Family in southern Lebanon after the Israeli Air force attacked them. – I have another horrible pictures, but if you care that much to see, go to Arabic sites to see more EXCLUSIVE pictures… as we love to collect and put Exclusive word for our families killings))

It's unbearable situation.
In the west, some say "neighbors of Israel" want to rid of Israelis and throw them into the sea.
I couldn't contain my laughs.
The truth is …as you can see… Israel can without any concern of this world (yea, they have USA and other supporters in their pocket)… attack independent countries and threaten them savagery and do what criminals and Mafia do.
"No doubt, because they are originally criminal gangs and came to Palestine in the beginning to terrorize the peaceful people and force them to leave their homes and lands.
This is the history of this new Israel and this is the first page of their bloody history"

Enjoy people of the world….
enjoy a real drama …
a real horror series that you will never ever find it anywhere else in this universe.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
My Second TEST

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Video Sharing

Now…here you are My Favorite Funny comedy Video.
I'm crazy about this video.
Funny and unexpected.
He is really GOOD.


You know me now ^_^
Download the video to your PC
Save it and share it with your friends and family.

Here you are the link:

Bollywood Film - 2.20MB

Enjoy with Sama Oman
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Monday, July 10, 2006
The Road To The Mountains Of Life In OMAN
Last Friday I didn't find a new episode of the Abeer's journey….
"The Road To The Mountains Of Life In OMAN".
I don't know what happened!?
Isn't there any new journey!!
Well, I decided to write an e-mail to Abeer…
but I'm too lazy even to write an e-mail.
Well, I will try to write and ask…till that time, here you are some pictures you didn't see from previous journeys.

PLUS, I uploaded gorgeous audio files…Short and Small, but nice for some Omani Folklore song arts. I love most The Na Na file…it's Dhofari tradition song. I really love the Dhofar songs and clothes…COOL!

Oman Folklore-Na Na - 1.12MB

Oman Folklore-Aazee - 0.98MB

Oman Folklore-Grand Mother - 491KB


~~ Hope you will like it ~~


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Saturday, July 08, 2006
Are we ran out of magnanimity!!??

Sorry… this time I will be more serious and frank to face our human nature and myself.
What's happened to us?!!
Did we run out of magnanimity or we just get use to see what happen daily…so it becomes something expectable to us. I'm talking here about what people of Palestine face now and before and in future. I don't want to go deeper to politics and self-interests. I want to speak about us… as commoners…I stopped watching news for a while, but today I watched news and I saw that the series of killing and destroying is still going on in Palestine.
Did I let them down by running away….
did I help them even by thinking and praying.
Why I'm thinking about World Cup and who's going to win. While there are more dirty games going elsewhere.
I wrote about this case in my other blog, but not here…I should tell you my true feelings…I feel I'm useless and I let down my family there.
I'm grateful to be Omani … living in peaceful land and breathing the real freedom every single day, but we should think about others…
Why we let the oppressors control our world??
Why we are droopy and languid???

Palestinians Suffer every single day. Ironically, the boy who's trying to save the life of other boy wearing T-shirt of World Cup!. They are still like us and love what we love and have same passions and same interests.
Massacres In Palestine
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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Go Zidane Go

I'm with France ….only for HIM ^_^

Zinedine Zidane - is the 1st in French's Hearts.
Sure…He deserves that ^_^


When I picked France … I did only for Zidane.
I watched the Final game. I got fever and I was under pressure…
When Henry went out, I felt bad…then when Zidane expelled I knew France would not win.
I said that to my brothers: it's over …I'm sure now that without Henry and Zidane, France will not gonna win. So that what happened :(
As for Zidane… I wished for him to get nice final game without any troubles….
but you know what?
The Italians were so mean and provoked him in purpose till he lost his nice temper and butted that Italian provoker with his head.
We should understand that he was under HUGE pressures. I only watched the game and felt bad and angry, so how about HIM?!!!
Zidane is calm, quiet and shy person and if you noticed, he left and went to the changing room. He is not a troublemaker like others.
My brother said French will blame him for their loss. I know some will do that, but because they can't imagine how he was exhausted physically and mentally.
At least, he helped France to reach the final game and be the second. Besides, the French team was really good. Only luck helped the Italians who cheated somehow by teasing French players and falling down many times "sorry Pizza Queen…that's what I saw".

Anyways, no wonder he is still "Best Player".
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
No Electricity with mighty nighty thoughts !

What happened that the electricity has been cut off for one hour. It's a midnight now. Let me tell you my mighty thought during this hour before it's vanish as usual.

** For first time I went out at night (not by my own will) and gazed at stars again as I always did in my childhood. The stars still the same…nothing change …still shining brightly and give us signs and messages as I thought before….I was happy that gave me a chance to gaze again to this wonderful sky at night with that little diamonds sparkling from the day that God created this universe. No changes… unlike us…people changes…most of us changed and dropped many things.

** During this gazing, I noticed a shadow of some trees on the wall. What a silly imagination. The shadow looked like to me as a woman of the Middle Ages with big dress and unique hairstyle. See, my imagination is huge, productive and creative. So, anything random I see, I can imagine a reasonable picture inside it…once I saw dashes of water on the wall and I imagined like a man face inside this mark. So funny and silly…what I can do…this is me, but try to let you imagination work even once and try to find anything in the random shape….I'm sure you will imagine something reasonable in this randomly thing.

** After that I realized something very important…the new technology has its ugly face. I was really happy in that dim light of the sky without that strong illumination of the man-made lights….this made me feel more calm. The technology is so good and has its benefits, but in the same time its polluted our senses…all senses. The pollution is not only what we see, but there are many types of pollution. Auditory, optical, tangible, gustatory and even psychical. Our eyes now adjusted to these strong and harmed lights while naturally we have to use soft lights. Now, I can't forget TVs and computers radiations….with countless radiations that we face.
It wasn't that hot outside…it was really nice with natural air, not under ACs all the time. it's not healthy to be under ACs all day. We should try to reduce our dependence on these machines. I'm trying myself…I don't switch on AC in my room even in the daytime…because my room is not facing the sun directly and cool air comes from my window…that satisfy me than AC.
Yeah, could be my biggest problem is with my PC. I spend most of my day in front of this monitor…till my eyes started to water. I'm trying my best to put a specific time, but that really useless.

Anyways, even with no electricity the technology kept hunting us… I heard my neighbor's kids playing and screaming for their video games. Besides, each one of my siblings opened his mobile phone and started to play with. I just threw my mobile in my pocket with silent tone and went to walk outside gazing at my dear friend Stars.
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Sunday, July 02, 2006
The Road To The Mountains Of Life In OMAN-7

The Road To The Mountains Of Life In OMAN-7
From Al-Dakeleya to the south Of Al-Batena
Peaks compete with hawks to hugging sky

I copied the whole report of Abeer about this journey from alWatan newspaper site in last Friday…it is only in Arabic language, but I wrote a brief for you about that without going in details.

Another gorgeous journey for Al-Watan expedition with reporter Abeer. This time was in Welayat Al-Rustaq. First they went up on Shurfat Al-Alameen mountain which is part of the Shaams mountain chain. It was again to isolated villages where the expedition faced hard time to reach the villages and there was no clear road to go directly to the places. The people of villages face no troubles to go in and out on the mountain even the pregnant women, who said to the reporter Abeer…we go daily through this mountains and sometimes we give birth in the middle of this roads!!
Here you are my favorite pictures of this week:

جبال الحياة في عمان 7
من الداخلية إلى جنوب الباطنة
قمم تنافس الصقور في معانقة السماء
كتبت ـ عبير العموري: في الحلقة السابعة من جبال الحياة في عمان كان هدف بعثة (الوطن) هو الدخول إلى قرى الرستاق الجبلية عن طريق الحمراء حيث اعتلت البعثة قمة جبل شرفة العلمين (جزء من سلسلة جبل شمس ) التي تشرف على ولاية الرستاق حيث الارتفاع الشاهق وتتنافس الجبال ذات الألوان المتدرجة مع الصقور التي تحلق فاردة جناحيها في معانقة زرقة السماء.من الداخلية إلى جنوب الباطنةفجر الثاني عشر من مايو..يوم مشمس حار .. إنطلاقنا من مسقط كان بعد صلاة الفجر ، بسيارة دفع رباعي متجهين إلى الحمراء ..الطريق إلى جبل شرفة العلمين كان الهدف أن ندخل إلى قرى الرستاق الجبلية عن طريق الحمراء حيث نتجه صعودا إلى جبل شمس ، في حدود الرابعة وصلنا إلى أول محطة ، تماما حيث قمة جبل شرفة العلمين (جزء من سلسلة جبل شمس ) وهذه النقطة تتيح لنا فرصة مشاهدة أهم أجزاء جبال شمال عُمان من نقطة مراقبة واحدة.. فهي تقع أعلى الحافة الجنوبية للجبل الأخضر..لذلك فالموقع يعرض منظرا بديعا لجميع مناطق الجبل الأخضر إذ يمكن مشاهدة بلادسيت، هاط ، هضبة سيق، وادي بني عوف، و وادي السحتن من تلك النقطة واعتقد أن هذه البقعة من الجبل حصلت على هذا الاسم لكونها نقطة تشرف على ولاية الرستاق ، خاصة قرية هاط الجبلية و بلدسيت المذهلة والمرتفعات المتاخمة لولاية الرستاق, ومن ذات النقطة نلتفت نفس لنرى قرى ومناطق ولاية الحمراء بالمنطقة الداخلية ، وعلى المدى البعيد تطالعنا الأضواء الخفيفة لولاية بهلاء ..ارتفاعنا كان شاهق جدا ، حيث وصلت نقطة المبيت إلى ارتفاع 2000متر فوق مستوى سطح الأرض..المنطقة ساحرة بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معنى ، هنا تمتزج الجبال ذات الألوان المتدرجة بزرقة السماء ، وبالقرب منا كانت الصقور تحلق فارده جناحيها ..منطلقه في فضائها الرحب ، من هناك كان يمكن أن نمعن النظر إلى القرى التي نهدف إلى زيارتها .. وبالنظر حولنا إلى الصخور الموجودة ، وعند عودتنا عرفنا أن المنطقة تضم العديد من التكوينات الجيولوجية النادرة التي تنعم بها أرض السلطنة .درجات الحرارة كانت تنخفض بسرعة غير ملحوظة ، ولا يلبث المرء إلا أن يشعر بالبرد يتسرب إليه ،فدرجات الحرارة هنا دائما معتدلة ففي الصيف لا تتجاوز الثامنة والعشرين وفي الشتاء تنخفض بصورة لا تصدق .. نصبنا الخيام ، أشعلنا النيران طلبا للدفء ، رتبنا جدول المناطق التي نهدف إلى زيارتها فجر الجمعة ، على صوت النار التي تشوي قطع اللحم ...عند حدود الثانية عشر وصل البرد إلى ذروته ولم تستطع النار أن تصمد في وجه الريح وبرودتها ، فأخذت تخمد ، ليتضح بريق النجوم ،..، لحظة النوم كان السكون يخيم على المدى الواسع لدرجة الخوف قربنا ، لم نكن نسمع إلا أصوات بعيدة لبعض الحشرات ، إنها حقا تجربة مثيرة أن يضع المرء رأسه وينام على ذلك الارتفاع ، انظر إلى صمت الدكتورة منى رفيقة رحلتي التي اعتادت أن تسافر في نفسيات البشر ..اسألها فتقول إنها تعيش هذه اللحظة ، وإنها تجربة مميزة ، كانت تنظر إلى حيث تقطن الكثير من الأسر في مواقع لا يصدقها بشر ، ولا تستوعب ..طريقة معيشتهم البسيطة ،ولأول مرة يتسرب إلي الخوف ، لقد كان الظلام دامسا بالفعل ، لكن ما حولك يشعرك بقدرة الخالق وعظمته .. في الواقع ..كنا على موعد مع الدهشة في صباح ذلك اليوم ، ففي تلك المناطق الوعرة كان هناك من يحيا بالفعل !!..فجر الجمعة إلى مخطى جابر فجر الجمعة الثالث عشر من مايو ..قمنا على روائح الشاي العابق بطيب الزعتر الجبلي ، ، في أقل من ساعة فطرنا ورتبنا معداتنا ، لنبدأ الانطلاق نحو الهبوط إلى قرى كنا نراها ونحن على إرتفاع شاهق ، فإذ بها هي أيضا مرتفعة جدا ، المناظر هنا تخدع كل من لا يدرك حقيقة المسافات ، فما تراه قريب ، تصدم بمدى بعده ، الطريق وعرة ، صعبة تلتف حول الجبل بصورة عجيبة ، من النافذة كنا نرى مدى روعة التدرجات والخطوط والتعرجات في تلك الجبال الشامخة بانفه ..كسكانها .وصلنا محطتنا الأولى في لحظة كانت الشمس فيها تجلدنا بحرارتها ، ولكن برودة الريح تخفف كل ذلك ، في قرية العقبة ، لا يوجد إلا منزلين من حجر ، إنهم يعيشون على الطبيعة تماما ، حيث لا وجود للكهرباء ، أما بالنسبة للتعليم فقد قامت إحدى مديرات المدارس بالرستاق ، بأخذ ولدين وبنت مصابين بالعمى ، ليدخلوا مدرسة عمر بن الخطاب في مسقط ، أما الباقي فلا يذهبون إلى المدرسة ، بسبب صعوبة الوصول على حد تعبيرهم ، الملفت هنا أن الأسرة الأولى لها ثلاث أبناء مصابين بالعمى منذ الولادة ، والأسرة الأخرى لديهم كذلك أطفال مصابين بالعمى ، والأسرتين تربطهم صلة قرابة ، والواضح إنها مشكلة زواج أقارب ، هذه الأسر تعيش على الرعي ، الذي يعتبر مصدر رزقها .مخطى جابر ..ترى من جابر الذي سميت القرية بخطوته ، هذا ما لم اعرفه ولم أجد له إجابة لدى سكان هذه القرية ، التي وصلنا لها بشق الأنفس ، كيف وصلنا ؟حين كنا نواصل هبوطنا وصعودنا ، حيث كنا نراها ولكن الطريق إليها لم يتضح تماما ، وجدنا سيارة تشق طريقها أمامنا ، وقفنا وسألناهم عن الطريق إليها ، فعرفنا أن ليس لهم طريق بالسيارة وان علينا أن نصل إليهم سيرا على الأقدام وقالوا أن الطريق إليهم لا يحتاج إلى أكثر من خمسة عشر دقيقة ، في الواقع من يعرف القرى الجبلية وسكانها يعرف أن الساعة بضعف عند سكانها ، لذلك توقفنا عند أقرب نقطة ، وهناك طالعتنا الأشجار الجبلية المختلفة فقد وجدنا أشجار العتم والبوت والطلح ، كان البوت يلمع باحمرار شهي ..وكان له مذاق رائع بالفعل ، أخذنا حبات منه واستعددنا للمسير وكنا ندرك أن الطريق يحتاج إلى ساعة من الزمن على الأقل ، ولكنها كانت ساعة شاقة ، فقد كنا نصل إلى القمة ونهبط قعر الوادي ونصعد قمة أخرى إلى عمق أخر ، كان الأمر أشبه بالمستحيل ، وكانت حاجتنا للماء من التعب وليس من الحر ، فقد كانت الريح لطيفة علينا ، واصلنا الطريق وهنا يرى المرء حقيقته ومدى ضعفه وعجزه أمام قدرة الخالق ، فالقرية أمامنا نراها ولكن نعجز عن الوصول إليها ، فكلما وصلنا إلى قمة ، نرى أن أمامنا وادي ، وهكذا حتى اخذ منا التعب مأخذه ، بعدها توقفنا وبأعلى صوت طلبنا من الأهالي الواقفين على قمتهم ينتظرون وصولنا أن يدلونا على اقرب طريق ..فجاء الرد ..مصدم ومضحك ..اتخذوا طريق الحمير ..!!طريق الحمير..أي كان علينا أن نتخذ الطريق الذي تعبره الحمير وذلك بإتباع (فضلاتها ) ، وبالفعل وصلنا في الأخير إليهم ، وصول لن أنساه ، لان آثاره باقية لأيام بعد رجوعنا إلى مواقع عملنا ..وصلنا إليها بعد عناء وكعادة كل أبناء البلد قدموا لنا القهوة ..فإذا بي أجد أمامي نساء حوامل ..وعن طرق نزولهم للوضع كان أول سؤال طرحته وأنا مذهولة ومقطوعة الأنفاس بسبب الطريق ..فإذا بإحداهن تضحك وتقول لي أمر بذات الطريق الذي مررتي منه ..وأكثرنا تلد في منتصفه !!صدمت لهذا التالف والاعتياد ..على كل ما تقدمه لهم الحياة ..ومخطى جابر عرفت إنها قرية لا يعيش فيها إلا أسرتين في الأساس ، تفرع منها أكثر من بيت ، عموما سكانها لا يتجاوزن الأربعين فرد ، كانت من ضمن المناطق التي لا تصلها إلا الطوافة ولكنها منقطعة منذ فترة طويلة على حد قولهم ،بسبب المشروع الذي من المفترض أن يقوم بتوصيل شارع لهم ..ولكن المشروع توقف ومازال متوقف ..كما بني لهم قبل عام خزان مياه ، ولكن لم يتم البدء في تشغيله ، إنهم اسر تعيش على الرعي فقط ، ويصل بعضهم رواتب الضمان على حسب أوضاعهم ، وهم يدركون صعوبة حياتهم لذلك ظهر عندهم الاهتمام بالعلم ، حيث إنهم يرسلون أبنائهم إلى المدارس ، في البداية كانوا يرسلونهم إلى مدرسة قابوس ببركة الموز وبعد ذلك إلى مدرسة بوادي بني خروص ، فهم يبقون عند بعض الأسر التي تربطهم بها صلة قرابة ، وبسبب صعوبة الوصول ، لا يستطيع أبنائهم العودة إلى أهلهم إلا في الأعياد والإجازات السنوية ..هل يحتاج الأمر لوصف صعوبة ذلك على الأطفال الصغار ، ربما لا ولكن صمودهم رغم صغر السن يثير الإعجاب بصدق ..المشكلة الآن باتت في الطريق الذي لم يكتمل وفي المروحية التي انقطعت عنهم ولكن لله الحمد عادت لهم قبل فترة بسيطة ..فقد كانوا يوفرون كل مستلزمات حياتهم عن طريق صعود تلك المسافة المستحيلة وهبوطها ..وعن طريق الحمير ، يهبطون إلى تلك الطرق الوعرة ، ليستطيعون الوصول إلى أقرب مستشفى في حالة مرض أو ولادة أو للتبضع ، منازلهم مبنية بطرق هندسية جميلة منذ سنين طويلة على هيئة غرف ينامون فيها كلهم ، لم أرى مسجد ولم يكن هناك من إمام ..وفي طريق العودة قام أحد سكان القرية ليدلنا على أقرب طريق ، كنت أنظر للأشجار وشدة وعورة الصخور واسأل هل توجد لديكم زواحف ..فاخبرونا عن المركاض ...وتجلى المركاض أمام عيني لأفهم إنه حرباء من النوع الضخم ولكنها شديدة السرعة ..وأضاف أن المنطقة مشهورة بثعابينها السامة ..ليختم الساعة الباقية برعب حقيقي ..فقد شعرت للحظة أن السيارة تبعد أيام وليس ساعة ...بعد ذلك أخذنا الطريق إلى قرية هاط...حيث فلج المنساب ، من الجبال الشاهقة بسرعة عالية, في جدول مائي صغير، وبعدها تصل إلى قرية بلد سيت السياحية والمثيرة بتدرج المنازل فيها وارتفاعها ..وبأشجار النخيل المحيطة بها ..أن الطريق الذي يسبقها لا يخبرك أبدا أن هناك قرية ساحرة لهذا الحد ..خلف كل تلك التثنيات ..وصلنا إلى الشارع الرئيسي الذي يربط ولاية العوابي بولاية الرستاق ..متوغلين في عمق طرق جبيلة محاطة بالمياه والأشجار ..عبر وادي بني عوف ..طرق لا يصلها من الشمس إلا ضوء خفيف ..نزلنا لنجد رجل مسن في آخر المشوار ..أصر الشكيلي على تصويره..فضحك من طلبه وطالبه بريال قبل الصورة ..طريق العودة ..كان مختلف تماما ...وفي مساء اليوم الأخر كنا في مقر الجريدة ..نسجل أحداث تلك اللحظات ..ولكن للأسف صدمنا بتلف عدد كبير من الصور ..
نسخت النص السابق من موقع الوطن يوم الجمعة الماضية وهو تقرير عبير و ألصقته لأني أحببته. ولكي تأخذوا صورة أوضح و أكبر عن المناطق بعيون عبير و الطاقم المرافق.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Video Sharing

Okay, it is my first time to try this online watching videos ;)

Anyway...this video is awesome…my brother gave it to me and it's about some news broadcasters of Arabic News channel called "Al-Arabiya" with funny shots for them before going Live on air.

So funny video.

I liked the woman who sang first.
She has really wonderful voice.
COOL Lady. "I don't know her name!"

Also, I like Uma Thorman…LOL… I call her Uma Thorman while she is Najwa Al-Qasem. She is look like Uma Thorman. And she is laughing in the end.

She is COOL.

So, Hope it's nice :D


I will upload the same file for downloading…

Yes I still support downloading files and this is only attempt and trying new thing :D

HERE you are
Download the video.

Al-Arabiyah Funny Anchors - 1.01MB

By the way, my brother gave it me in this format 3GP because it was in his mobile. So, you can watch it by using Quick Time Player in your PC…or you can put it in your Mobile phone.

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