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Friday, February 05, 2010
My Little Visitor

I was in deep sleep… when a soft knocks came from my window. Lazily, I removed my sheets and opened my eyes. Although I was half-asleep, I noticed that tiny creature knocking on my window with his beak. A sweet little bird was holding tight, moving his tiny head trying to look into my window and then he started to knock with his long beak. I was too lazy to get up and look at him, but I laughed at such scene. However, this sweet fellow kept visiting me every morning and kept knocking my window.

I was happy with such reminder, who seems want to tell me: "wake up!!!…it is a lovely day to waste ... you have to leave bed without delay".

I tried to take a photo for him, but he flew away.
I took only this one in the second time before he notices my movement and fly away.

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