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Sunday, July 23, 2006
The Sinbad Voyage

"" Like a story from the 1001 Nights coming to life, Tim Severin builds a great Arab ship and sails from Oman to China to investigate the legendary adventures of the most famous mariner of all time. His sponsor is a modern day Arab prince, the Sultan of Oman and his vessel named Sohar after the Omani town to be Sinbad's birthplace. Not a single nail used in the building of the remarkable vessel. Instead, she had sewn together with 400 miles of coconut twine. With a crew of twenty, Arabs and Westerners, Sohar sets out to re-trace the ancient route of the silk and spice trade across the Arabian Sea to India, and then on to Sri Lanka, Sumatra and the Malacca Straits.On the way, the crew learns to handle the immense sails of their ship, catch sharks for food, gather rainwater when becalmed in the Doldrums, and must repair spars snapped by the strong winds. Heading North towards the China Sea, they come to the rescue of desperate Boat people and endure the battering of vicious line squalls swirling off the coast of Vietnam. Finally, after seven and a half months at sea, they sail up the Pearl River to a tumultuous welcome from the Government of China.""

I found the previous brief text about The Sinbad Voyages in this link about Tim Severin Voyages:
Also this is a link about Oman:

I found the voyage story book of 1985 among my uncle old books. I read the whole book with all details about their wonderful and hard voyage from Oman to China in 1980-1982 by Tim Severin. Actually, the story started from the idea first came to Tim Severin's mind about Sinbad Voyages and then he came to Oman, got sponsor and big facilities from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and Oman Government. Then, he went to India searching for the right materials to build the ship and find good builders for that too "the Green Shirts men". He came back to Oman…. In famous coastal town called Soor, where he gathered with workers and find the good place near the beach to start building the ship, he met 70s years old Captain Saleh Khamis, who told him about all the voyages that Omanis did before. He met good and young Omani sailors from Soor and Al-Suwaiq that led the ship perfectly "one of them called Mosaleem became a father to a baby girl when his wife gave birth to a baby girl while he was on Sohar ship".
Tim accompanied by scientists in each stop in the voyage and even his 9 years old daughter joined him in India and left in Sri Lanka. She got a leave from her school in London for weeks. She loved the ship and took special corner for herself. She played with cymbal with Omani Sailors. Also, she took a dip into sea "as her father described her as a little duck".
There was a photographer called Bruce Foster shared the project from the beginning and sailed with them too, but he left the ship in Sri Lanka to Ireland to see him wife and daughter. Another photographer joined the team called Richard Greenhill. It was his first time to be on a ship, but he took good shots for it. The crew was great and went through difficult times, but they came up with such interesting journey.
They even helped Vietnamese persons who were trying to reach to Taiwan.
It's so interesting book and I would recommend you to read it if you love adventures like me!.
I put myself with them…I said why Tim allowed to his daughter to join him. Why I didn't join them too :D
Yes, Tim Severin used the methods of Omani Famous Sailor called (Ahmed Ben Majid). Ahmed Ben Majid was a famous Omani sailor and wrote many books. Gorgeous indeed.

Here you some pictures I scanned from the 2 books:~

Above: From Portuguese Atlas of 1519 and shows 3 Arabian Ships "in the middle" of new design and that before any European ship arrive to the Arabian area. Down: an Arabian ship from the Arabian manuscript of Maqamat Al Hariri of 1227.

Tim Severin with Captain Saleh Khamis. A photo by Bruce Foster.

Sohar in the Sea

Omani Official delegation: His Highness "late" Faisal Ben Ali Al Saeed "ex-minister of Heritage and Culture" during the official reception For Sohar Ship and its sailors. Accompany him the Chinese Official delegation with Tim Severin and Mesthail Ben Ahmed Al Mashani (I asked my father who was that tall man beside Tim).


check all the pictures in my Album:
SamaOman Album
posted by Sama Oman @ 2:54 AM  
  • At July 23, 2006 12:13 PM, Blogger layal said…

    u reminde me about my grandfather
    storys about the sea voyage thay made it long time ago from arabian gulf to india & africa
    SAMA-mabrook (nice pic) in the top of ur blog ;-)

  • At July 24, 2006 3:46 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    LOL...Layal ...My Love...Thanks.

    I love this Voyage stories. Cool.

    LOOOOOL...for whole week i was waiting for some1 to say something about that. anything :(

    finally some1 noticed the banner that I made for my blog.



  • At July 24, 2006 11:21 AM, Blogger Jeff said…


    I like it too! I got back from vacation and then you had the post on the problems in the Levant and I got distracted and forgot to say anything.

    But it seems better and more Omani than the rosy-cheeked girl. So it gets my vote of approval too.

    And I'm glad you kept the pink and blue color scheme for now!

    Sinbad is a cool guy. I think he came from around Basra and didn't he stop in Bahrain? But I didn't remember that he was in Oman.

    For us Westerners, all those stories are part of what people used to call "the Gorgeous East!" Camels; and palm trees; and deserts with mirages and oases; and minarets; and turbans on people's heads; and spices; and curved swords! Genies in bottles and flying carpets!

    And Sultans with lots of wives and secret harems filled with veiled ladies.

    And beautiful, artistic, squiggly Arabic writing that we can't understand!

    And Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, of course.

  • At July 24, 2006 11:59 AM, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

    Jeff, there are some refrences that say that sinbad is Omani from Sohar (a costal city).

  • At July 24, 2006 12:00 PM, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

    yah and sama I did mention your new template in one of the comments, I cant seem to remmber where :(

    I like it :)

  • At July 26, 2006 4:26 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Hey Guys........Thanks for mention my banner...
    However.......I changed it :D
    I made it better and better....i added sweet girl too.
    in fact, i made different banners. almost 4 banners...so, i put this new one which looks like the old one, but with new picture of omani girl.
    i will try the other ones too to see which one ios more fit for me ;)

    Thanks Jeff.... but the book mentioned that Sinbad could be Omani and born in Sohar.

    as for the stories that you mentioned...there are some of them between real and unreal facts. fictions and exaggeration.
    but, stil......COOL :)

    AP-F: Hey Girl......Where r u?!
    You did.........Where.
    I don't think one of you saied thing about that COOL banner...HaHaHa
    and Now, it's Awesome :D

    anyways, THANK YOU so much for mention that before and now.
    Thank you all.

    Wish we can sail into such voyage one day and explore new isle. Will be COOL.

  • At July 26, 2006 5:05 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Yes, the banner is even nicer now. The little girl is beautiful indeed.

  • At July 26, 2006 5:14 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    As for whether you should draw MeeMo: Yes! Why not? And she could draw herself. And we could compare and decide which is better.. ;-)

    Anyway, you need to keep drawing, remember?

    And no, I am not a taxi driver! I was just helping, that's all... And listening.

    I'm glad to see you back. I'm a little worried about you, you're so quiet lately.

  • At July 26, 2006 10:42 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    In another post, I commented that not too many Arab female bloggers used their own real pictures on their blogs. Then I said, "I know there are some, but the only one I can think of is Leilouta, the Tunisian blogger, and she is a rebel anyway, isn't she?"

    Then you said, "Who is Leilouta? Where is the link?" So, here it is:



    I found her through commenters on Arabian Princess, I think.

  • At July 30, 2006 4:42 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Jeff: Thank you dear. I knew you will love my new banner…let's see how will be when my new one appear ;)

    Well, I will try to draw her, but I'm a bit busy now with personal stuffs.
    Let me see if things will work right or not.
    And when I got time to draw her I will.

    As for my quietness, I'm a bit busy as I said with important things… besides, it's more frustrated situation now…even when I try to write something cheerful, I can't put it on my blog. I feel bad to be happy and laugh and then see families and children cry and suffer. So distressful.

    I used to spend more than 8 hours with my computer and internet daily. It's too much. I even stayed till 2 AM on the net. I know I became so obsessed with my blogs and can't control this obsession.
    For that, I decided to force myself to leave the computer and internet.
    Now, I use computer less than before and use internet once each 2 days.
    But…I'm still here. I didn't vanish :)
    Oh…you are not Taxi Driver…I think it's interesting job….yes, it's hard and not easy, but still different and every single day, you can meet different passengers each one has its own life and stories and tragedy. Like a diary of Taxi man. I visited once a blog for a LADY works as a cabby in NYC. This lady is so funny and write in interesting way. She told about her adventures when she meets different people and passengers. I didn't visit her for long time now…you just reminded me with her now
    Here you are her blog:

    Okay.. as for Leilouta, I thought she is from here….From gulf Area.
    Well, she is Tunisian…I have wonderful friend from Tunisia ….
    "BTW, I love her posts…she is funny and cute…I liked her blog so much"

    Anways, I found blogs for Arab girls who put their own pictures without any problems. Some make it not clear and some put it so clear for visitors. You can find that if you search in Jordan blogs for example.
    While here in Gulf Area…we don't put our photos on the net. It's not agreeable for a girl to put her clear photo on the net. There are some who can use or rather abuse the photos of girls. So sad to know some can use your photo wrongfully. For that, we should be careful and not allow that to happen. ;)

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