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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Go Zidane Go

I'm with France ….only for HIM ^_^

Zinedine Zidane - is the 1st in French's Hearts.
Sure…He deserves that ^_^


When I picked France … I did only for Zidane.
I watched the Final game. I got fever and I was under pressure…
When Henry went out, I felt bad…then when Zidane expelled I knew France would not win.
I said that to my brothers: it's over …I'm sure now that without Henry and Zidane, France will not gonna win. So that what happened :(
As for Zidane… I wished for him to get nice final game without any troubles….
but you know what?
The Italians were so mean and provoked him in purpose till he lost his nice temper and butted that Italian provoker with his head.
We should understand that he was under HUGE pressures. I only watched the game and felt bad and angry, so how about HIM?!!!
Zidane is calm, quiet and shy person and if you noticed, he left and went to the changing room. He is not a troublemaker like others.
My brother said French will blame him for their loss. I know some will do that, but because they can't imagine how he was exhausted physically and mentally.
At least, he helped France to reach the final game and be the second. Besides, the French team was really good. Only luck helped the Italians who cheated somehow by teasing French players and falling down many times "sorry Pizza Queen…that's what I saw".

Anyways, no wonder he is still "Best Player".
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