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Monday, November 27, 2006
Random Thoughts

1) 2 days ago…I received a remarkable e-mail that REALLY made my day!! I was overwhelmed by it…I'm still happy till this moment for that. I'm so grateful for that appreciation……..so…..Thank YOU!

2) LuLu started this move because her computer has specific problem with languages…anyway, she writes her letter in word document and upload it and send it to me through e-mails! She did that many times and she started to add cute cartoony pictures and make her letter look nicer. So, I decided to do the same…I made my first one and uploaded it and sent it to her…then I made another and then I decided to put photos for her with my discussion or when I explain anything…yeah, it's so COOL.
So, last time I put for her many photos including MeMo's picture with her sister that I shot few days ago...and I told LuLu the latest news with me!
And yes… she did the same later…she sent to me her nephews' photos…SO CUTE… Ma Sha Allah… so adorable and for a moment I wished I can upload these photos…Oh, No…I can't! :)
Try to do this…prepare your own letter in word document with special and different fonts, with lovely design, cute pictures, put your personal touch in that document… and send it to your best friend… it will be WONDERFUL!

3) I found a funny and understandable post for a blogger…he said something I think we share it sometimes…"he doesn't want to care anymore about world as long as the world doesn't care about him…and he should care for and sympathy only with the person that he sees in the Mirror."
Hmmmm…Very true words indeed!! Sometimes, I feel the same….sometimes we give so much to this world and to people that don't deserve… and get no respect or appreciation for all what we do for others!!
Some of them not only don't say "Thank you"…but sometimes they deny what you did for them and consider it nothing!!!! How Rude!!
Altruism is so GREAT feature….but as we say it in Arabic
(it's great to sacrifice yourself for others….but the problem is to find who really deserves this sacrificing)!!

4) I have to apology to dear friends that I didn't put comments in their blogs recently, but I do visit and read as much as I can…I have less time now…I have many things to do and I have to organize myself first to find good time for my blogs and yours…you have to know that I run 2 blogs now…each one with different posts, different friends/visitors and it's hard to manage that in that Top Secret. I stopped some of my blogs and I only kept 2 active.

Also, I found some stopped temporarily due to their study and exams … some disappeared without any clear reasons and that made me sad…

Gmr14… wish you the best Dear…Take care and come back soon!

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posted by Sama Oman @ 3:10 AM  
  • At November 27, 2006 11:23 PM, Blogger layal said…

    لست معك في هذه النقطه
    نقطه تبادل الحب والمنفعه
    لو كل شخص فكر بهذه الطريقه لما وصلنا الي ما نحن فيه من تقدم
    بدون تضحيه لا يمكن للعالم ان يستمر
    تذكرت تضحية العلماء للوصول لمخترعاتهم -هل كانوا ينتظرون تقدير العالم او حبهم ؟؟
    وابسط من ذلك تضحيه الام

  • At November 29, 2006 1:05 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    Its nice to personalise emails, we just need to have plenty of time to do that, wish I had.

    Its OK, to love yourself and care for yourself, as long as one doesnt over do it. I know some ppl are thankless no matter what you do to them, but sometimes they still need help and support. So we need to help the deserving ones, whether or not they thank us, thats the approach I take...

  • At November 29, 2006 2:21 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    عزيزتي ليال
    أهلا بك وشكرا على التعقيب
    انا لم أقل ان نعمم
    لكن يحدث احيانا ان تكوني صادقة النية و محبة للغير
    ولكنه فوق كل ما تفعلية لهم
    يخونك يغدروا بك
    والتضحية لم أقل انها ليست رائعة
    اقرائي ما قلته
    التضحية و الايثار صفة رائعة جدا
    ولكن صعب ان تجدي الذي يستحق أن تضحين لأجله
    هناك من يضحي و يتعب و يقدم للاخرين بدون مقابل
    ولكنه يظل يحمل حزن و الم النكران و الجحود
    حتى الام الذي ذكرتيها
    تظل تحمل الالم اذا لم تتلقى تقدير ابنائها لها
    وهناك ام ضحت بأولادها
    فانقلب الامر هنا
    فيحمل الابن او الابنه الالم و الحسرة على تخلي امهم أو أباهم عنهم

    مهما كنا
    نظل بشر
    يسعدنا التقدير و الثناء
    نسعد و يشتد حماسنا
    لاي لفتة من الاخرين.

    أليس كذلك؟!

    yes, it can take time, but 10 minutes will be enough!!! Trust me!

    that what i meant to say here...you can't keep sacrificing for others all your life...you have to look at yourself as well!
    i'm from this type...i can't say NO to anyone needs me no matter what. if i can help...i will do it...I love to be always this supportive person, but i don't want to deny myself as well!

    help others...as long as you can...and take care of your own life too!

  • At November 29, 2006 8:00 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Okay, I need your help, Sama! What do you say? ;-)

  • At December 01, 2006 3:16 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Sure Jeff....as long as i can do it...i will by God willing.

  • At December 02, 2006 4:50 AM, Blogger A.Adam said…

    keep all good works up dear Sama I read all your posts no matter if its too late but I enjoy reading yours

  • At December 03, 2006 2:35 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Thanks Dear
    That really make me happy
    nice to have you back too ;)

  • At February 03, 2013 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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