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Monday, August 21, 2006
An Arabian knight in Hollywood!!

I love watching movies…
I used to watch at least 2 to 3 movies a day…it was like addiction.
Some movies, some actors and some actresses touched me that I went online to search about them and I use to do that a lot. Once, I was watching "The Mummy Returns". I like this sort of movies….full of mysteries, excitements and have special magic about era and people especially in eastern world. I was fascinated by one actor, the one who said some Arabic words…he was every inch an Arabian knight. He fascinated me as I'm still in love with this magic of Arabian knights with their dark skin. Well, he looked like one of Touaregs as he dressed like them and I consider Touarqs as Arabian knights… they look gorgeous and awesome….
Anyway, His name in the movie was "Ardeth Bay". So, I went to search about him and I was almost 90-95% sure that he is whether from Arab or Muslim world or he has -by nature- that gorgeous features of Arabian men as he looked like some gorgeous actors here in Arab world especially Syrian actors... like that gorgeous actor "Tayem Al Hasan"…he is really cool and lovely.
So, back to that Ardeth, his real name is Oded Fehr…….Hmmmmm…I said to myself: maybe it's the Arabic name of Edeed….while Fehr like Fahar to me!! So, he could be an Arabic man or Muslim!
I never ever expect that he will be from …..Israel!!
So it was like ….Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!!!!
He is whaaaat?!! ….. Oh My Goodness… they couldn’t find another sweet man to play this role…take beautiful "Tayem"…he is more gorgeous than this one. What bothered me more is not that he served in the Navy of that terrorist state, but because he used to play as an Arabic man "Sure because God blessed him to be like an Arabian knight".

See this picture and look how he likes to pretend.

"Well, he is still gorgeous…but Tayem will be more gorgeous and he is prettiest than this Zionist"

So what, he played as an Arabian prince in series of Arabian Nights…he played as an Arabian man many times.

See, looks can deceive us. What do you think?!

"Tayem Al Hasan"


Anyway, I know that Hollywood is partial and biased when it comes to presenting some characters… the Arab in their movies -mostly- is ugly, greedy, randy…etc with all nasty and bad features. This ugly image has been sticking to Arab for ages and still, with new additions to maintain the new events. Now, we are terrorists and fill with hatred. I still find that till now in series and in movies. While I noticed another thing that " Jews" are in almost every single movie and shows. Yes, I'm not kidding, I watched many shows and movies and I know that… I know now so much about "Chanukah"… a holy celebration in Judaism. I saw that in many shows even FRIENDS. The word looks like "Shanaka or Khanaka" which means "Hanging or strangling someone". I mean… it's so clear that Jews are really clever and controlling Hollywood perfectly to tarnish any clean image and to polish any dirty image. We are not that dumb and we can see, but the problem is with who can't see the truth and the real picture here. The problem is with the one who get and let movies and shows guide him and judge others by them.
Well, I still I don't blame them…anyone will do what they do…if I'm a Jewish…I will be happy to see polished picture for Jews and Zionists. Arab must learn to deal with media and use it properly to reach the westerners and give the world the clear pictures…and that what I can't see it in real life.

posted by Sama Oman @ 11:53 AM  
  • At August 21, 2006 12:59 PM, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

    Allow me to disagree with this post dear sama, so what if the actor is Israeli? let him be ..
    I was hurted more, when Arabs acted in United 93, they helped to promote the idea that arabs and muslims are terroriest (they used Quran verses in the movie)!!

    Yes we need to learn how to reinvent media .. instead of our movies concentrating on comdey and love stoires, we should learn to present our cases in movies .. I heared paradise now is a good movie that represent the palastinan case .. I would like to see it.

    I was impressed by an Iranian director, he made two amazing movies : colors of paradise and children of heaven .. very touching stories .. if you can find the movie, you should see it.

  • At August 21, 2006 2:33 PM, Blogger layal said…

    في الاعلام اليهود رقم واحد يمكن شفتي اللقاء مع مخرج فيلم الرساله وعمر المختار واصراره علي انه يوقم بأخراج فيلم عن صلاح الدين الايوبي لكنه ما حصل دعم ولانه هوليود مسيطر عليها اليهود
    بأعتقادي انه عمر الشريف لو ما كان يهودي ما كان اشتهر ووصل للعالميه
    والممثل اللي ذكرتيه بفيلم
    المومياء كان باين من كلامه ان لكنته غير عربيه اذكر كلمته (الصحراء ستتكفل بهم )
    لكن حتي بالفيلم شفتي شلون كانوا مصورين الشخصيه العربيه ممثله بذاك الشخص المتين اللي كان دليلهم بالرحله كان جشع يبحث عن المال
    شفتي فليم kingdom of heaven
    شخصيه صلاح الدين الايوبي كانت مقبوله بالنسبه لي لكن مع ذلك حصل الفيلم انتقادات من العرب

  • At August 21, 2006 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lucky me! An English post!

    I was almost starting to think you were tired of me, Sama.. :-(


    You know, our American government stamps now have Happy Eid as well as Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah.
    Usually in America, they spell it "Hanukkah" now, because it's more like it sounds.

    I see the Jewish influence in movies and sometimes it irritates me. But after all they practically invented movies here in America--they found the ways to make stories people liked and to develop the industries. They seem to be very good a music, too, especially playing violin! And good doctors, lawyers, and scientists.

    Even today, there are more Jews in America than Israel. Sometimes I wish they had all come here instead of Palestine...it would have been better for everyone: Jews, Americans, and Arabs.


  • At August 22, 2006 12:55 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Well, I'm back! I can take the keys back from Nonny now... ;-)

  • At August 23, 2006 4:07 AM, Blogger Smile said…

    اول شي انا ما احب انه الاجانب يعملون افلام عن العرب لان دايما راح يخلونه في منظر بشع .. ومو حضاري

    وخاصة فيلم الرساله .. لم يعطوه حقه .. وما عجبني نهائيا

    ومثل ما قالوا الاخوان والخوات اليهود مسيطرين على الاعلام الغريب فعلى راحتهم يسون اللي يسوونه بس علشان يشوهون صوره العرب وبشكل خاص الاسلام

  • At August 23, 2006 6:34 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Arby is missing you, I think, and so am I. Come back, Sama! :-(

  • At August 24, 2006 11:06 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    No. I won't allow you…….LOL….JK.
    You know what…this actor fascinated me and I really liked him a lot and I wished to find he is from here or from Muslim world… I never ever thought about Israel. So, it was a big shock and I was really disappointed.
    But…yeah…I should not judge him for being Israeli…maybe he is a good and not as devil as others.
    Well, "United 93"…I don't know this one…and you are right… that really hurt more… I once watched an Arabic man who is living in Canada and he is specialist in Chinese fighting arts… so, Hollywood offered a good deal for him to work in a movie…it was good thing if he did it, but he refused!!! Yes, he refused their offer and their movie…because they wanted him to play a nasty role to promote ugly image of Arabian people. He was real man and refused their offer and their intention to deface the Arabian people. Unfortunately, there are other Arabs and Muslims who agree to deface their own people and serving the "Anti-Semitic" who try to present us in ugly form. "Yeah…you heard it right… Arabs are Semitic too"

    My wish is Arabs can learn hoe to use the media and movies, films, documentaries as westerners…to show the truth…to touch people there.
    I talked about this Iranian movie to Jeff in a previous comment…I watched "color of paradise", which I didn't remember the English name and the Arabic name was "Seb'3at Allah". I didn't watch "children of heaven" yet. I told Jeff how it was a great movie and I cried while I was watching that poor child in Color of Paradise… awesome!

    ليال: صح...أنا أشعر بالأسى والحزن لفقدان المخرج العالمي الكبير مصطفى العقاد...فعلاً انقبض قلبي لوفاته في الهجوم الدنيء الإرهابي في الأردن.. الله يرحمه يا رب... وهو فعلاً شرح كيف اليهود مسيطرين على هوليود مادياً و يدعمون ما يخدمهم فقط... لهذا لم يجد السبونسر لفلمه عن صلاح الدين الأيوبي...رغم انه اختار الممثل شون كونري للدور و الممثل وافق ... الأخطر أن اليهود كما قال يومها يجهزون لأفلام لتشويه صورة صلاح الدين الحقيقية والتي ينبهر بها الغربي لصلاحها و استقامتها... وللأسف قال العرب لا يمولون الأفلام التي توضح الصورة الحقيقية للعرب والمسلمين... و من سنوات لم يجد من يمولوه من العرب و ما يقهرني كثرة ثرواتهم و أموالهم التي يبددونها على قنوات الرقص والمجون و على الرقاصات و الغانيات... الله بيحاسبهم على تقاعسهم و على النعمة التي يضيعونها في الحرام...

    عموماً الرجل مات قبل تحقيق الحلم و لكن كما قرأت أن ابنه ينوي أن يحقق حلمة لهذا الفيلم و سيحاول أن يتم انجازه لأجل روح والدة.
    لا ما أتوقع عمر الشريف يهودي..بس الرجل ماشي مع التيار...ما يطلبونه منه ينفذه مهما كان وضيع... لهذا مش كثير يعجبني ...كما انه توقف سنيين طويلة و رجع بعدها كما قال لأنه يحتاج أن يعيش و لم يجد أي دعم هنا في مصر و العالم العربي طوال فترة استقراره و عودته هنا.
    صح...وغالباً العربي سمين جشع قبيح و قذر و له أهواء و نزوات و رغبات وما يحركه إلا المال...
    للأسف إلى الآن لم أشاهد "مملكة السماء"... بس الممثل غسان مسعود هو ممثل جدير و رائع و مناسب رغم ضعف بنيته الجسدية...لكن ملامحه جدا قريبة للقلب و يبدو وقور و حنون و متزن بشكل رائع حتى بدون أن يتحدث... يعجبني جداً... لكني لم أتابع الفلم لأعرف كيف مستوى تقديم الشخصية و ما به من لقطات قد تضيف أو تنقص ...قد تحسن أو تشوه صورة العربي أو القائد المسلم.
    المشكلة أحيانا أننا نندمج مع الفيلم فربما لا نلاحظ بعض التفاصيل مهما كانت بسيطة دقيقة لكنها مؤثرة و قد تسيء أكثر مما هو واضح لنا... لهذا ارغب أن اقرأ للنقاد و رأيهم فهم لديهم أسلوب معين للرصد و اقتناص الأخطاء أو الهفوات أو الطرق التي قد لا نلحظها نحن.

    Jeff: Afa 3aleek … don't ever think that's way. You are really coloring my life with your insightful comments. You gave me so much information and fruitful discussions. I should thank you because you are still here and still give me your thoughts. Thanks :)
    Yes.. I know… I read about that once… usually the celebrations season come with all these celebrations… Eid, Christmas and Chanukah, but usually I hear Christmas and Chanukah in shows and western media. I heard Chanukah or Hanukah for first time when Bob Saget said that in the "American funniest home video"… I didn't know what's that mean…and I didn't know that Bob is Jewish…!!!
    Good point Jeff… yes they worked so hard and I really think they did good job and still…so I don't blame them for giving Jewish a clean sweet picture and give Arabs an ugly one. Vice versa, if Arabs did control this industry…a clean image for Arabs will spread.
    I knew that NYC is full of Jews…I know there are many Jews in all states, but NYC beats them all.
    I wished if they stayed in the places they were in the first place…nothing would make all these mess in our world.

    welcome back Dear Jeff..........
    I'm still here...i'm still around...

    هلا سمايل
    أي والله هذا اللي يصير
    ما فية صورة عدله للعربي هناك
    و اليهود طايحين تلميع في صورة اليهودي و ما بقي مسلسل او فيلم الا يهودي فيه وبأحسن صورة.
    و ما نلومهم
    نحن عندنا امكانيات ...
    بس كلها لاجل الرقص و هز الوسط
    و هذا ما يشتهر به العربي و الشرق أوسطي

    رقصني يا جدع

  • At August 28, 2006 1:53 AM, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

    Oh for goodness sake, when will people quit paying so much attention to where and who comes from??

    It never bothered me until I moved to the Middle East. The first question EVERYONE asks is "Where are you from?" - like a psychosocial profiling, as if all the people of that country/nation can be described by that country/nation's name alone!

    There are different people everywhere. I am getting really worked up with this. :-/

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