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Friday, September 14, 2007
Ramadan Is Here

Wishing you a blessed Ramadan…. And may your prayers be answered.

PS/ Sorry for my absence…I was outside Oman the whole week…I will try to write about it soon.
posted by Sama Oman @ 9:39 AM  
  • At September 14, 2007 11:23 AM, Blogger A.Adam said…

    Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family and may it be a joyous month for you.
    waiting to read about your new adventure outside Oman

  • At September 14, 2007 5:21 PM, Blogger Amjad said…

    Hey! Ramadhan Kareem! :-) May Allah accept your fasting & prayers! May you have a wonderful blessed month!

  • At September 15, 2007 11:32 AM, Blogger Stormy said…

    Ramadan Kareem :)

    May Allah accept form you Inshallah :)

  • At September 15, 2007 4:01 PM, Blogger layal said…

    حمد لله علي السلامه
    ومبارك عليج الشهر
    وبأنتظار البوست القادم اللي اعتقد انه راح يكون مشوق
    تحياتي اختي الغاليه

  • At September 15, 2007 11:05 PM, Blogger نون النساء said…

    مباااااااارك عليييييييج الشهررررر

    يا كسلااااااااانة

  • At September 16, 2007 2:41 AM, Anonymous brain said…

    Ramadhan kareeem Sama

    may alla support us all in completing fasting this month

    and just to let u know that i plan to fast this year

    3an tqoolo ba3ad 'he is greeting only w maysooom '

  • At September 16, 2007 5:56 AM, Anonymous بحرينية said…

    ولكم بااااااااك
    سما عمان الرائعة
    و مبارك عليج الشهر
    انا ايضا بانتظار البوست القادم

  • At September 16, 2007 10:41 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Adam: Ahleeeeeeeeeen...Ramadan Kareem and Allah akram.

    LOl...i won't write about it now...i prefer to think and write slowly about my impression.
    Hmmm...but i did start with my meeting with that German girl. from the end ;p

    Amjad: Thank you dear... Ameen.. all of us inchallah...

    Stormy: Hello Dear... to you too...

    الله يسلمك حبيبتي
    والله يوفقنا جميعا لصيام و قيام الشهر الفضيل
    بديت ولكن من النهاية
    مع الصدف التي جمعتني مع الالمانية
    بداية أولى للرصد
    لنرى اذا وجدت متسع من الوقت لأبدا أكتب عن الامور العامة فقط

    مشكورة و الله يبارك و يوفقك دنيا و اخره يا رب

    شوي كسلانه مو كسلانة جدا

    Brain: Allah Akram Brain
    What??????? what that suppose to mean???
    Afaaaaaaaaa...only this year...
    i know you are kidding as usual...
    you are good pal and sure you fast since you were a child.

    الله يبارك بعمرك و كل عام و انتي بالف خير
    و يجعلنا جميعا من المعتوقين فيه والمغفور لهم يا رب

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