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Monday, June 04, 2007

I've been tagged by Arabian Princess (thank you sweetie):

Unavailable or Single: Relaxed Single (LOL)

Best friend: I can't choose…!
(I think the best and worst friend for us will be ourselves!!!!)

Cake or Pie: Hmmmm…Don't know?!?! BOTH!!! Depends on my mood!

Essential Item: My Mobile and My Computer.

Favorite Color: BLUE!!!! (True Blue...Baby I love you)
Gummy bears or Worms: Teddy Bears (LOL)

Home Town: let's say Muscat "Not Really"

Indulgence: Cartoons! (LOL)

January or February: August!!!

Kids: Hmmmm….they are parts of us…they are pieces of us…they are the joy of this life…YET they will drive us crazy when they are mad or when they cry.

Life: a mystery!!

Marriage: don't know!!! {Could be heaven or could be hell!!!}

Number of Siblings: one sister and brothers!!!!

Oranges or Apples: BOTH!!!

Phobias: don't know!! I don't have one…I guess!!!

Favorite Quote: I don't have a specific one…but I follow this one: keep smiling to keep going!

Reason to Smile: :) …as I said to keep going…also we gain love of others with these smiles…and infect others with happiness disease.

Season: Qaith!!!! ;p

Tag Three People (optional): NO…a bit more than 3…Adam, Solafa, Bahreneya, Salfat Qaleb, NoooooooooN, Brainy, NASH, Maxi, Sweetness, Totti, Ammoontie…. I think I miss someone else, who is in my list. ;p

Unknown Fact About Me: What do you know actually about me?!!!! LOL

Worst Habit: I get mad easily!

Your Favorite Food: don't know…could be Pizza and Macaroni!
Zodiac: LEO

posted by Sama Oman @ 3:34 AM  
  • At June 04, 2007 8:13 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    What's "Qaith"?

  • At June 04, 2007 11:29 AM, Blogger A.Adam said…

    yeah me too asking myslef what is Qaith? like Jeff..
    ah Thanks for tagging me , i will do it soon :)

  • At June 05, 2007 3:59 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…


    I knew you will ask me what's Qaith

    Okay dears......

    Qaith is a harvest season of Dates in Oman...in Summer, many families especially in the villages spend their summer in their farms to collect DATES...i once went to visit some relatives in a nice village and I "tried" to help them, but coz they used to do it every year, they faced no difficulties as i did.
    it was exhausting work...but still exciting and enjoyable...all people go together ...help each other and chat and spend wonderful time.
    it was amazing....
    I wish to go again and I will try to help them :)

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