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Sunday, June 11, 2006
The Road To The Mountains Of Life In OMAN-4

The Road To The Mountains Of Life In OMAN-4
The education race in the Musandam Mountains

Te fourth journey is in the Musandam Mountains. In three villages: Ralah Bani Mora, AlDagaflah and Maqlab. What really amazed me here to know that there are real special languages in these mountains such as: Shehe language and Kemzari language…which said that it’s a mixture of different languages like Portuguese, French and English… I never knew that!!! I met a girl from the Kemzari tribe and she was so normal and speak like us with no special language…yes, little words or accent can be recognized for them, but not a language. I guess that the language is only with these people who are living in isolated areas…but who are living in the city could know nothing about the language and can't speak it….as I found Beloshi girls can't speak the Beloshi language. This is my personal point of view.
But it's interesting!!
We, who are originally Omani and live here know nothing about that "at least me", so we should have now the motivation to go into unique local tours "internal tourism" to see our rich-in-cultures country and meet interesting people with different traditions. Am I right!

الطريق إلى جبال الحياة في عُمان4
سباق العلم في جبال مسندم
تظل بعثة (الوطن) في سباق مع المسافات والزمن لتعانق جبال الحياة أينما وجدت على رقعه بلادنا الممتدة ، وهذا الأسبوع كانت جولتنا في ربوع محافظة مسندم وعلى ارتفاع 700 قدم فوق مستوى سطح البحر حيث استقبلنا السكان من (رعلة بني مرة) بطبيعتهم و بساطتهم و معانقتهم للحياة الفطرية التي ألفوها و من رعلة بني مرة إلى الدغافلة حيث الأطفال يتفاخرون بأنهم يتسابقون بدورهم نحو اللحاق بالحداثة و التحديث عبر مقاعد الدراسة التي وفرتها الدولة على بعد المكان و وعورة الطريق ، وليس التعليم فقط هو احد معالم الحياة الحديثة الزاحفة إلى المنطقة إنما هناك أيضا تمديدات الكهرباء التي بدأت تتوغل بين البيوت المبنية بالخشب والحجر ، أما لغات أهل تلك القرى فتحتاج إلى الكثير من التركيز و الإنصات لفهمها لكنها تظل احد لهم معالم أهلنا في جبال الحياة.

(في هذه القرى يحمل الأهالي أكثر من لغة، فهناك اللغة الشحية و الكمزارية التي يقال أنها خليط من عدة لغات في الأصل منها البرتغالية و الفرنسية و الانجليزية...أغلب الظن يعود ذلك بسبب موقعها الجغرافي الذي تمر علية السفن التجارية ، لذلك كنا نستعين كثيرا بالرائد علي الشحي ليتعين علينا الفهم حيث كانت هناك بعض اللهجات أيضا عسيرة الفهم.
ثمة مناطق أخرى لم يسعفنا الوقت لزيارتها مثل جزيرة كمزار ، ولكن حسب المعلومات التي وصلتنا فهي تعيش نفس أوضاع المناطق الأخرى. )

(النص كتبته و نقلته نصاً من جريدة الوطن)

الحقيقة لفت نظري المقطع الثاني اللغة الكمزارية و الشحية ، لم اسمع بهذا من قبل ، تعرفت على فتاة كمزارية و لكن كان كلامها مفهوم و تتحدث مثلنا إلا من بعض الكلمات أو اللكنة ، لم يخطر ببالي أنهم مختلفون إلى هذه الدرجة ، لعل هؤلاء "أصحاب اللغة" فقط من يعيشون بانعزال عن الآخرين حيث الفتاة التي عرفتها تعيش في المدينة و المدنية ولربما لا تعرف اللغة هذه مثلها مثل صديقات بلوشيات لا يعرفن اللغة البلوشية.
لكن الأمر رائع حقا أن نتعرف و نرى و نلمس واقع إخوة لنا من نفس البلد وبما يحملوه من تقاليد و أساليب و كلمات و لهجات...الأمر حقا ممتع و يحفز الناس أن يجربوا زيارة مناطق كهذه و عمل سياحة داخلية غنية و فريدة.

posted by Sama Oman @ 3:10 AM  
  • At June 11, 2006 3:59 AM, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

    Lovely pictures :)

  • At June 11, 2006 4:13 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    Nice article Sama. I am lost here, did you do this trip yourself or was it done by AlWatan.

    I never knew about these languages, thanks for sharing.

  • At June 11, 2006 4:27 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    QC: Thanks Dear ;)

    Nash: No my love, i just read each Friday the serial Journeys done by (AlWatan) Staff and the reporter was (Abeer Al-Amoori). So, I just scan the pics and write what they said about the places and try to translate a general idea about it.

    Well, this time I was amazed by the languages issue…I never knew about that!! But you know what that give me big motive to plan for such a trip like this …

    Let's start discover our country first ;)

  • At June 11, 2006 4:33 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    Ok dear, I get it now. You have must have gone thru a lot of troubles scanning and uploading those pics. Then translating them. I am impressed. I should start reading from part one I guess.

    There is a lot we need to explore in Oman. It has beautiful landscape. Everytime, I come back to Oman I make sure to go on a trip every weekend. I will be going back soon, but unfortunately only for a few days :(

  • At June 11, 2006 4:52 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    it's not that hard especially if you like the thing you do ;)

    I love to make others see our beautiful and peaceful Country...

    So, you are not in Oman…

    well, I should ask no more questions otherwise it will be like investigation ;p

  • At June 11, 2006 5:02 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    Thats ok then. Yes not in Oman at the moment.

    Dont worry you can ask, but I may not be able to answer difficult ones :)

  • At June 11, 2006 6:56 AM, Blogger Nancy said…

    أحب هذه صرات جدا. شكرا علي عملك! لا عرفت عن اللغات الأخري. أتمني أذهب لزيارة عمان يوم ما. . .

  • At June 11, 2006 11:52 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Thanks Nash....
    well, when i thought about it, i found it kinda of personal questions which i don't like to embarrass people with.

    Dear nancy...welcome to my humble blog.
    شكرا على زيارتك الجميلة لمدونتي المتواضعة.
    سعيدة أن أعرف أن الصور أعجبتك
    أتمنى أن تزوري عُمان في يوم ما لتشاهديها على الطبيعة.

  • At June 11, 2006 8:58 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    The pictures are great, of course, but what's in the house? I looked and looked and there's not a single thing that I can be sure about. I have a strong guess that the yellow thing is a garbage can.

    But what are the other things? Is the green thing a refrigerator? A closet? What's hanging on the walls? Clothes? Bags? Do you recognize any of them?

  • At June 12, 2006 10:53 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Oh darling Jeff
    What are you saying!!!

    They live very very very simple life, they have containers for their necessary things only, food, clothes ,..etc.
    Sure, they have no refrigerator, but maybe it's a closet.
    There is no electricity on the mountains. The government tries so hard to reach all places and give them all facilities they need for comfortable life. However, some places can't be reached so easily… only by using helicopters, so it's not possible in the moment to reach them.
    Do you see the big round brown thing hanging on the side of the picture, it's a mat. Usually, people use it to eat food on it like a table (groundy table). The other things that hanging on the wall could be clothes and bags of things. See, people keeping their things in this way in the past, like a storeroom. I didn't look deeply into this picture to be honest with you. But you let me go back and see and focusing in every single thing on the picture. Thanks.
    There are other pictures you didn't see for each trip. I just used to choose the finest ones. I'm thinking to upload the whole pictures using flickr.com. I will try to do this as soon as possible :)

  • At June 12, 2006 11:41 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    Hi there, hope you are fine. What happened to the shout box :)?

  • At June 12, 2006 12:05 PM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    shout box?!!!!!!!!
    what shout box?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At June 12, 2006 12:35 PM, Blogger Nash said…

    I thought you had one, kidding :)

  • At June 13, 2006 4:29 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Ha Ha Ha Ha
    No I don't
    well, i'm thinking about it.
    let's see if i will put one.

  • At June 13, 2006 11:24 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    OK, great, waiting for it then :)

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