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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Brand New "Kirstie Alley"


I do like Kirstie…she is cute and lovely, but when she was FAT she lost 1/2 of her beauty. As I saw her in Oprah show once… she was REALLY REALLY FAT and she had to face that…but she tried to spread jokes and make others laugh and not focus on her real problem. I think if she didn't face herself and her problem…she will remain until now Fat Woman used to be gorgeous and big star in the past.
I didn't see her ultimate makeover….
my brother came to me one day and said: you missed new episode of Oprah again…do you remember that Fat used-to-be pretty actress "my brother can't memorize all big stars like me".
I said: Yea, what about her??
He replied: she lost her weight and she is now thin and pretty….unbelievable!!!
I was totally surprised myself. I thought she will stay like that forever.
But, she did it!!!
The watchers said…she is very gorgeous now. She dropped half of her age with her new look
"can you believe that she is 50 something years old!!!"

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Don't give up…
if Kristie did it…
we can do it too ;-)
posted by Sama Oman @ 10:33 AM  
  • At June 06, 2006 11:38 AM, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

    oh no I know I cant do it :weep:

    I think she looked much prettier when she was younger, now her voice is really really scary!

  • At June 06, 2006 5:04 PM, Blogger gmr14 said…

    hi friend..

    forgive me to disagree with you on this..

    you said "but she tried to spread jokes and make others laugh and not focus on her real problem"

    she forgot herself for you..

    isn't enough..

    i never mind about her body or any thing else... simply i don't intend to marry her.. -she maybe already married .. really i don't know-

    have fun friend..

  • At June 07, 2006 4:42 AM, Blogger Nash said…

    Goind on diet may not always help in losing weight. One might lose weight and gain it later.

  • At June 07, 2006 6:30 AM, Blogger Jeff said…


    Aren't there ANY girls who aren't worried about losing weight? This is the curse of the female universe...

    I've never seen any of you, but I bet you look fine. Kirstie has to lose weight because she has to appeal to a bunch of movie watchers, the poor thing. But I'm sure your friends and families don't need for you to look like a stick. If they do, just give me their phone numbers--I'll give them a call and set them straight! ;-)

    Kathy Bates is one of my favorite movie actresses--and I don't think she worries about weight.


    Here's my test: if you stand up straight and you look down without bending over and you can still at least see your toes, you're doing GREAT!

  • At June 08, 2006 4:05 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    You doing okay?

    You're usually not quiet for so long and I'm a bit worried...

  • At June 08, 2006 4:35 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    AP-F: yes, she was totally gorgeous…and still especially when she became thin. I don't think she has scary voice. She is still cute and lovely…
    gmr14: Hello Friend ;p
    when I said that, I meant she tried to ignore and ran from what she should face. We all do that…I did that! I refused to admit that I have a problem and I lost my graceful body and I'm not that "Super model" I used to be….so, my problem started to go bigger and bigger. Now, I faced myself to see what really happened and what I should do to fix my problems. So, Kirstie faced herself and not to be thin and turn heads again, but to be healthy and happy. She wasn't happy before, I know that…I can understand her feelings and what she went through…she laughed and joked…because if she didn't do that, she will cry and e ashamed for her condition especially she is famous…I found websites make jokes on her when she was FAT. They mocking on her…and that was so mean…I'm so happy for her and I will do it too.
    I don't think she is married…she divorced. She joked about marrying John Travolta...she said: when I was married, he wasn't married and when I am not married, he married. She has adopted kids.
    Nash: yes, if we starving ourselves…we will not keep the weight we will lose during the diet. But if we learn how to choose the healthier food and eat what we like but with little moderation and with good exercises especially walking or running…we will lose weight and be in good health.
    Jeff: Ha Ha Ha…right Jeff…all girls want to lose weight even who is slim already like my cousin…she is damn lucky to be in that shape and now she think she need exercises for her little belly.
    Ha Ha Ha… okay Jeff, I will give you my brother's Mobile number ;)
    Kathy Bates is so funny actress and really talented, but as you know, that her normal weight…she wasn't slim and gained weight like Kirstie… Kirstie was famous for her gorgeous look and beauty, for that all people frustrated her about her weight issue.
    What a test Jeff…….I'm not doing GREAT! :`(

    Jeff: it's Okay. I'm fine...Thanks.
    i tried yesterday to enter and i coudn't open the comments section

  • At June 08, 2006 8:30 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    I'm glad you're okay!

    "Ha Ha Ha… okay Jeff, I will give you my brother's Mobile number ;)"

    Wallahi, you will? I'm waiting; he'll get an earful.

    Even if you're not GREAT, you're FINE, I'm sure. Concentrate on making yourself happy and feeling healthy, don't try to please people who don't know how to appreciate the really important things.

  • At June 08, 2006 10:54 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Oh Jeff..you are not easy one!
    How do you know so much words in Arabic!!
    we need to send some1 tracking you and see from where you get these words ;p
    but it's nice to learn new words can help you to contact people.

    Oh i was JK with you. I can't tell my Brother#...he will kill me :(
    but thanks for your supporting ;)

    Yea, Dear, I will be back as I was GREAT and SuperModel.
    I'm now warming up ;p

  • At June 08, 2006 10:57 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At June 08, 2006 2:42 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Hamdulillah, I know a few words of Arabic.

    Only joking, were you? ;-) Okay, if he gives you any trouble, tell him to call (703)892=0544 and I'll set him straight for you! ;-)

    I'm glad you're feeling good and like a movie star. But you never told us about your Mother?!?

  • At June 09, 2006 4:47 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    you are genius
    Ha Ha Ha
    Okay,,,I will...Nice to have Supporter around the world ;p
    what about her!!!
    She is fine I guess
    No No No
    JK with you
    Well, it's more personal to show it publicly...don't you think?
    Anyway, we are all fine and doing well. if any thing happen i will tell you :)
    Thank you for Asking ;)

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