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Monday, May 15, 2006
(Gladness Game and The Enjoying Talent)
(Gladness Game and The Enjoying Talent)

Yesterday I got my brand new PC.
Finally, I rid of my old PC, could be the 4 years of using it made me sick of it,, I demanded to have new one with the latest features.
It didn't cost me that much!
Just frowning forehead with big dark looks and "put the lips upside down, as we say it in Arabic extends the lips out as size of 2 spans",
and what I wanted has be done !
You expect that I'm over the moon and extremely happy.
But, NO, I'm not that happy!!

It's something should be happen, meant to be!
I took it in realistic way, I replace the old PC by brand new one,, and one day I will rid of this one too when I feel it's too old. So simple!!
I really don't know what happen to us as we now old enough to realize things???
I remember the pretty past of childhood??
Any simple, insignificant and small things making us enormously happy and joyous for long days.
We keep hugging that thing, smell it, touch it.
We let all our five senses recognize it well.
We keep in love with that simple thing regardless the values!
Even the new school year make us happy!!!!!
Not eager for the school or study of course,
but for getting new things, new sweet uniform which we love to make it more personal and add small personal touch on it. Make trip to the markets to get by ourselves new bags, new writing books, new pens, new pencils and rubbers,,, all tiny small things we can't forget and make us gazing happily on it. And the journey of happiness will stay with us days and days, we even sleep with our new things! Well, at least we get little happiness before feeling awful for the new year in the school!
Why we did change???? Why we lost this talent of enjoying things even temporarily?
Why we let our realistic thinking and prediction feelings take this enjoyment from us?
Is it me or all people have the same feeling?
It really bizarre!!
As we little kids with the top of enjoyments and happiness in our lives, we want as other wish for us to grow so fast, and then, when we are old…we sigh for our glad childhood

(لعبة السعادة و موهبة المتعة)

البارحة حصلت على كمبيوتري الجديد
وأخيرا تخلصت من كمبيوتري القديم ، ربما 4 سنوات من استخدامه أقرفتني ، و سعيت أن أطالب بحقي بامتلاك جهاز بي سي أخر ، مودرن و بأخر المواصفات ...
لم يكلفني كثيرا...
مجرد عبوس و جبين مقتضب مع بوز ممتد شبرين طوال الوقت أمام والدي ، وتم لي ما أردته..
بديهي أن تضنوا أني فرحااااااااااانه و لا تسعني الدنيا!
لكني لست سعيدة و مبتهجة جدا، لم اهتم بالأمر...
أخذت الأمر بشكل واقعي ، تخلصت من القديم ليحل بعدة الجديد و سيأتي اليوم الذي أتخلص من هذا الجديد بعد أن يصبح قديم .. !!
لا ادري ماذا حدث لنا بعد أن كبرنا و عقلنا؟!!!
أتذكر ماضي الطفولة الجميل ...
أي حاجة بسيطة تبهجنا تفرحنا تبقينا سعداء أيام و ليالي طويلة...
نحتضنها نشمها نتلمسها ...
ندع كل حواسنا تتعرفها..
نكون مغرومين بها ولو كانت بنظر البعض بسيطة تافه لا قيمة كبرى لها.
حتى قدوم السنة الدراسية كانت تفرحنا!! ...
ليس لأجل المدرسة و الدراسة بل لفرحة أننا سنحصل على زي جديد جميل ..نحاول جعله بشكل مختلف مميز عن الآخرين، وكذلك ذهابنا للسوق نبحث عن الأحلى والأجمل من بين الحقائب و الأقلام و الدفاتر والمحايات و كل حاجة مهما كانت صغيرة نسعى أن نختار ما يبهجنا منها و يفرحنا ولو لأيام قليلة ، تبقى رحلة السعادة معنا أيام و أيام و حتى ننام بجوار ما حصلنا علية،،، وبالنهاية نكون قد فرحنا و ابتهجنا قبل أن نشعر بالضيق والقرف مع أول يوم دراسي!!
فلماذا تغيرنا ...لماذا لم نعد نملك تلك الموهبة في التمتع بالأشياء ولو مؤقتاً ؟؟؟
لماذا ندع فكرنا الواقعي و فهمنا وتوقعنا المستقبلي يحرمنا من تلك المتعة و البهجة؟؟؟
هل أنا وحدي أشعر بهذا أم أن الكل يمر بهذا؟؟؟
عجيب أمرنا نحن البشر..
ونحن صغار و في قمة بهجتنا و فرحتنا وسعادتنا نتمنى كما يتمنى لنا الآخرون أن نكبر بسرعة ، وبعد أن نكبر نتحسر على أيامنا و طفولتنا و بهجتنا التي تلاشت و اندثرت مع الأيام
posted by Sama Oman @ 3:27 AM  
  • At May 15, 2006 11:04 AM, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

    Personally, I still feel the happiness when I get new things. Ofcourse it would not be a new pen, or a rubber like it used to be at school, but when I got my new PC I was very excited about it, when I buy new books I keep flipping them every while for days.. its just the curiousty and the enjoyment of using new things.

    Every one of us have that little kid inside them, we just need to know makes it come out :)

  • At May 16, 2006 4:37 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Well, like Sama says, I'm not so familiar with the online and computer worlds as you guys--I don't even know what JK stands for!

    I'm glad you like your new computer and have fun! Mine is powered by gasoline and I have to peddle it like a bicycle, but it still works...


  • At May 16, 2006 11:06 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Um Qusai: you are right,,,
    we all have that little child inside us.
    And I still play as a child with my father and to get anything I want even thought I'm …years old ,
    it's enough to give him that cute sad face :(
    to soften his heart to bring for me what I want!
    But I meant here,
    How we as children can enjoy ourselves more with any thing..
    We as children didn't think like now, about plans and future and finance and so on… we lived each moment and got no future plans or worries!
    I hope you understand what I mean!

    Jeff: so funny.
    But you know what.
    I don't even like the new PC.
    I don't know!!!
    I still have that attachment to my old one.
    I hate to admit that ,
    But I love my old PC
    Despite that my new one with bigger monitor and cute blue/red mouse (laser instead of scrolling ball) and has lot of good things.
    But when you are well-know something, you don't feel right with another thing.
    My old PC will be under my brother hand
    (Oh My Poor Old PC)
    The new (all in one hp printer, copier, scanner) is so cute, but I love my old separate scanner and printer!!!
    I'm so confused myself
    What the hell I'm thinking of?!!!!!!!!!!

  • At May 16, 2006 11:07 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    على فكرة يا أم قصي : هل زرتي البلوج اللي أعطيتك إياه؟!!
    عسى ما يكون سيء أو به عيوب
    بس حتى و لو ،،،
    أتقبل نقدك و اقتراحاتك بهدف تحسينه و جذب عدد اكبر من الإخوة لمتابعته.
    وكنت ارتجي من صديقاتي من هنا و من الخارج أفكار تساعدني ،،،
    بس لا حس و لا خبر
    تواصلي معي على أيميل البلوج :)

  • At May 16, 2006 8:16 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    I thought:

    Why is she posting a comment in Arabic when none of the comments are in Arabic?

    So, I went to the Babbling Fish...that's why Princess spends all that time translating...she's tired of laughing at what the Fish came up with.

    Here's what it comes up with for your comment--it's as clear as mud!:

    TRANSLATION BEGINS "On idea [yaa] mother become remote: Is visited me [aalblwj] allyl gave you ['iyaah]?!!
    [e'sY] what is bad or in him defects
    [bs] although,
    Cash and your receives your suggestions your suggestions with the aim of his improvement and attraction attraction of number of big than his the brothers for continuation.
    Daughter-in-law trembled me from my friends from here and from blessing outside thoughts helps me,
    [bs] feeling and news
    Intestine continues on ['aymyl] [aalblwj]" TRANSLATION ENDS

    Somebody's mother is remote and somebody's daughter-in-law has trembling intestines? Somebody's brother wants cash? (I'm glad it's not MY brother!)

    Oh, well, I give up... What do you expect when you ask a fish to translate squiggly letters?

  • At May 17, 2006 11:52 AM, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

    Oh My God, Jeff
    I never laughed in my entire life like this day :)
    First with my cousin's SMS as she said "I'm exercising because I have a little belly".
    She made me cracking!
    She is like Bobeye's wife, like a stick and she insists that she has a little belly and need to do some belly exercises!!!
    So what I should say or do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then, you came with this funny silly unexpected translation.
    I said that alright, you are so curious to know everything.
    That comment only for Um Qusai or "mother become remote"!
    I said in Arabic (على فكرة) and the translation "On idea" took the literally meaning, by I meant here to say (by the way) or (Alla Fekra),
    What Cash!!!!!
    Oh, you mean "نقدك" which meant to be "your criticisms"!
    Aalblwj=The Blog
    The slang words can't be translated in good way and as we meant to use it, and I used mostly slang words,.
    Here you are what I exactly said:
    "By the way, Um Qusai, did you visit the blog that I gave it to you?
    I hope it is not that bad or has some mistakes!
    Even though,
    I will accept your criticisms and suggestions to make it better and to have more visitors and (keep them continue read my posts)
    I wished that my friends here and abroad could help me with new ideas and thoughts,
    However, they are useless
    Keep in touch through my blog's e-mail"

    This is exactly what I said to Um Qusai and you were so curious about what I have said!
    thank you so much for making good laughs today.

    i hope one day you will be able to read this "squiggly letters" ;)

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